Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Pricing is an annual fee that runs from August through May.  Fees are calculated based upon the program and age of the child; class length; and multiple class/family discounts.  Payments may be broken into monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual increments.

Why is there a registration fee? A deposit?

The registration fee holds the student’s place in class.  It covers many of the hidden costs of dance education such as music licensing fees, studio certification  and deposits on theater rental, scenery.

Why do you have a dress code?

Wearing leotards and tights and appropriate shoes is part of dance tradition.  The form fitting leotard and light colored tights allow the instructor to see the dancer’s body, muscle tone/development, and alignment.  The attire also allows the teacher to quickly identify improper technique, alignment, and dance positions.  The sooner problems are identified, the quicker they can be corrected, and the more success the student can achieve.

A dress code also gives uniformity and appropriate coverage for the young women and men who study with us.

The dress code allows the dancer the ability to focus on their skills and technique and not on what each other is wearing or on ill-fitting garments.  They provide focus and safety for the student.

Why can’t I enroll for class online?

Dance is about relationships.  The dancer’s relationship with the audience during performance begins in class.  For us, our students begin building that relationship at registration.  Many of these students enter into study with us as toddler or pre-schoolers and remain with us throughout high school.  We like to begin this relationship with a personal visit (preferred) or phone call.  In this way, a staff member can review studio policies, the calendar, and expectations allowing the parent time to ask questions clarifying any items of confusion.